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At Logan Swim School, we offer an engaging and secure introduction to the world of swimming for your child. Our expertly designed swimming lessons provide a playful yet educational environment that delights both parents and little ones alike.

Our curriculum seamlessly integrates crucial water skills—including submersion, independent floating, and propulsion—with a focus on self-reliance and ease of movement in aquatic settings.

For your baby’s utmost comfort, our pools are heated to an optimal temperature, enhancing the overall learning experience.

With an emphasis on small class sizes, we ensure personalised attention for each child, making the experience fulfilling and reassuring for the whole family.

All classes have no more than 6 students per instructor.  All lessons run for 3o minutes.

4 to 8 months

The class conditions babies for submersion with verbal triggers, taught kicking patterns, and stimulated with water, colours, games, and songs. They learn to back float with parental assistance and execute trauma-free submersion. The class also introduces free floating to develop independence in shallow water.

8 to 12 months

The class focuses on improving breath control, extending free float distances, encouraging independent kicking, fostering shallow water exploration, and introducing techniques for floating to the ledge and turning once mastered.

12 to 18 months

The class aims to enhance breath control, advance front and back floating, develop independent propulsion, swim unaided to parents, master turning, introduce swim arounds, explore swimming in two planes, and learn to grip and hold onto a high wall for added confidence and skill in the water.

18 to 24 months

The class advances front and back floating, extends unaided swimming, improves independent propulsion with kicking and paddles, masters turn to the ledge, refines swim arounds, introduces monkeys, turns to a high wall, and demonstrates assisted toy pick up for comprehensive water skills.

2 to 2.5 years

The class focuses on enhancing propulsive skills, continuing unaided swimming and turns, introducing the crocodile technique, teaching climbing out of the pool, and demonstrating floating and kicking with a board. Additionally, it introduces back floating with a board for comprehensive water skill development.

2.5 to 3 years

The class focuses on improving propulsive skills, mastering independent floating, kicking, and crocodile techniques on the ledge, along with climbing out of the pool. It introduces breathing techniques with a kickboard and assisted swim and breath techniques for skill development.

3 to 4 years

The class focuses on mastering bubble and breathe with a board, unassisted swim and breathe techniques, and introduces hand sandwich techniques for pushing and floating, as well as kicking. It also introduces back floating and back kicking without a board, with group instruction and parental reinforcement, aiming for total independence in water.

Paddle Splash is a FREE introductory swim program for new clients.  It’s designed especially for little ones aged 3 months to 3 years.

Join us for four weeks of fun-filled sessions in our indoor heated pools, where your child can explore the joys of swimming in a safe and nurturing environment.  The program operates during the four weeks leading up to each school holidays.

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At Logan Swim School, our mission is to spark an enduring passion for swimming, coupled with imparting essential water safety knowledge. Our curriculum presents a distinctive fusion of engaging, enjoyable learning experiences and stringent skill-focused training. Our exceptionally skilled instructors excel in tailoring lessons to suit children across all proficiency levels.

We are committed to moulding confident, proficient, and joy-filled swimmers to thrive in the water.

Our Swim School Levels

Level 1

The 3o-minute class aims to build water confidence, establish breath control, and develop floating patterns over 5 meters. We introduce essential safety skills and kicking techniques in shallow water to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Level 2

The 30-minute class prioritises enhancing breath control and mastering kicking skills while introducing freestyle drills. Continuing safety skills, we establish effective swimming patterns covering distances of 5 to 7 meters for comprehensive learning.

Level 2 Advanced

The 30-minute class focuses on strengthening propulsive skills while introducing side breathing and backstroke arms. Developing high elbow recovery for freestyle, we extend swimming distances to between 7-8 meters for enhanced proficiency in the water.

Level 3

The 30-minute class develops freestyle and backstroke drills while refining side breathing techniques and strengthening propulsive skills. Additionally, we extend swimming distances to range between 8-10 meters, enhancing overall proficiency in the water.

Level 3 Advanced

The 30-minutes class refines freestyle and backstroke swimming techniques, perfect side breathing, and continue developing propulsive skills. Additionally, we extend swimming distances to range between 10-12.5 meters for enhanced proficiency in the water.


The 30-minute class focuses on developing freestyle and backstroke techniques while introducing individual breaststroke skills and mastering breaststroke kicks. Additionally, we introduce tumble turns with streamline push-offs and teach reading the pace clock. Swimming distances are extended to range between 12.5 – 20 meters, promoting enhanced proficiency in the water.


The 45-minute class continues to refine freestyle and backstroke techniques while coordinating breaststroke timing. Additionally, we introduce individual butterfly skills and focus on developing starts, turns, and finishes. Swimming distances are extended to range between 20-50 meters, promoting increased proficiency in the water.


The 1-hour class focuses on developing proficiency in all four strokes, mastering butterfly timing, starts, turns, and finishes. Additionally, we ensure a thorough understanding of competition rules while extending swimming distances to range between 50-100 meters, fostering advanced skills and endurance in the water.

As adults, we may sometimes overlook the possibility of learning to swim, perhaps due to never having the opportunity in our younger years. However, this vital life skill can be learned at any age – it’s never too late to start. Remember, everyone begins somewhere. Whether you are a complete novice seeking fundamental water skills or an experienced swimmer aiming to refine your technique, our expert instructors are here to guide you.

We offer both private and group training options, tailored to your specific needs. Choose from beginner to advanced classes, or opt for personalized one-on-one coaching, all scheduled at flexible time slots to accommodate your busy schedule. Our comprehensive programs offer more than just physical training; they open the door to a world of enhanced health, self-esteem, and life-saving skills.

Don’t let age or past experiences hold you back – dive into a fulfilling aquatic journey at Logan Swim School, where adults learn to swim, and swimmers learn to thrive.

Dive into the boundless world of swimming with Logan Swim School’s Adapted Swimming Lessons.

Our certified instructors specialise in creating personalised, sensory-sensitive learning environments tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Whether you are a child or adult with intellectual and physical disabilities, our flexible scheduling and one-on-one attention ensure an enriching experience. Many graduates transition into competitive squad training and mainstream learn to swim classes, highlighting the efficacy of our program.

Personalised Lessons

Logan Swim School provides personalised swimming lessons to cater to various needs:

  • Children with sensory/behavioural needs requiring extra attention.
  • Individuals with behavioural challenges.
  • Those struggling with processing instructions and mainstream lessons.
  • Children with physical or intellectual disabilities needing individual attention.

Qualified Teachers

Classes are led by our experienced and dedicated instructors:

  • Committed to building rapport with each child to help foster their confidence in the water.
  • Customised approach for each child to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Follows the Laurie Lawrence program, incorporating visual aids when necessary.

NDIS Provider

Logan Swim School is registered with the NDIS to offer self-managed and plan-managed services within the following categories:

  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Capacity Building – Social, Community & Civic Participation

Our NDIS provider number 4050043605.

All new enrolments must complete the Adapted Swimming Lessons Enrolment Form.  This information is essential for our staff to provide engaging, informative, and safe lessons tailored to each student’s needs. Your input ensures that we can create a supportive and effective learning environment for all participants.

Experience swimming with inclusivity at Logan Swim School, where the joy of swimming is accessible to everyone, and the path to athletic greatness is open to all.

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Elevate your swimming skills to elite levels with Logan Swim School’s Advanced Swimming Lessons, tailored for those who have already mastered the basics and are hungry for more. Our premium program offers instruction from a team of expert coaches who customise lesson plans to focus on your unique strengths and weaknesses. Train in our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled pools with the flexibility of multiple time slots seven days a week. Safety is our top priority, with certified lifeguards always on duty. Our comprehensive curriculum covers advanced techniques including freestyle sprint & distance skills, breaststroke & butterfly mastery, open water skills, perfecting your turns, and engaging in high-level drills designed to improve strength, agility, and mental readiness. Ideal for swimmers aiming to compete at national or international levels or those who simply want to excel in water, our advanced lessons equip you with the skills you need to become a masterful swimmer.

Competitive Swim Squad Training

Logan City Council is committed to providing elite pathways for Logan swimmers to reach their full potential. With world-class coaches delivering results-driven programs that have already supported swimming stars Mitch Larkin and Keryn McMaster to achieve Olympic swimming levels. Classes are held in the recently refurbished Olympic standard Jodie Henry Pool at the Logan North Aquatic and Fitness Centre. The 50m heated outdoor pool is perfect for year-round squad swimming.

Join one of our squads and train with experienced, knowledgeable and passionate coaches. Our unique squad structure focuses on developing key principles related to long-term athlete development.

Junior Squads: 1 & 2

Junior Squad 1 & 2 is our first squad level where swimmers will begin to develop the skills and etiquette of swimming in a squad environment, all done in a fun and caring environment. Swimmers will expand on what they have mastered in previous swimming programs, as well as build new swimming skills.

Development Squads: 1 & 2

Development Squads 1 & 2 provide opportunities for swimmers to enhance further skills that were established in Junior Squads 1 & 2. As well as continuing a focus on correct technique in all four strokes, swimmers will further develop race skills while swimming extended distances.

Performance Squads: Bronze, Silver and Gold

Performance Squad Bronze and Performance Squad Silver are designed for swimmers who can demonstrate their swimming ability or are working towards achieving Queensland Swimming Qualifying Standards in one or more events. Performance Squad Bronze Silver and Gold introduces and extends swimmers using greater endurance and more advanced training techniques. More advanced skills for racing are established, all while maintaining sound techniques in all strokes.

Adult Swim Squad

Whether you are gearing up for a triathlon or simply rediscovering the joy of swimming from your younger years, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Join Logan Swim School Adult Swim Squad led by Coach Drew, a seasoned professional with a passion for enhancing water skills. Experience the benefits of professional coaching and camaraderie without the pressure of competitive events.

For more information, enquire at the reception desk during your next visit to Logan North Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

At Logan Swim School, discover unmatched personalised swim lessons designed for swimmers of all skill levels. Our private swim lessons are meticulously crafted to address your child’s unique needs. By setting achievable goals and guiding your child through personalised instruction, we foster a sense of accomplishment and confidence in the water.

For children who may find it challenging to focus in group settings, have specific learning disabilities or physical challenges, are competitive swimmers looking to refine their technique, wish to accelerate their swim skills, or have experienced traumatic events in the water, we recommend private swim lessons.

Join us at Logan Swim School and embark on a journey towards improved swimming proficiency and enhanced water safety.

Are you ready to redeem a SwimStart Voucher with Logan Swim School?

Your child must first be enrolled into Logan Swim School. This can be done by online or by chatting to our friendly team at Logan North or Beenleigh Aquatic Centres.

  1. Apply for SwimStart Voucher.
  2. Once you have received your SwimStart Voucher submit the voucher details.
  3. Our team will confirm the validity of the voucher and register it to your child’s enrolment in Logan Swim School.
  4. You will receive an email confirming the voucher has been successfully redeemed.
  5. Your credit will then be applied to your enrolment in our program and will be reflected in your direct debiting cycle.

Intensive Program

The school holiday intensive program offers 5 swimming lessons run over successive days.

Children can boost their swimming skills to move up a level in their learn-to-swim program.

They can also practice a skill that they haven’t quite mastered in their regular swimming classes during the term.

Follow our Facebook page to see all the relevant information about our next available Intensive Program. Discover dates, times, costs, and instructions on how to secure your child’s spot.

Swim Clinics

Our specialty swim clinics are held throughout the school holidays. They are designed to help swimmers focus on a specific skill.

Swim school participants in Level 3 and above can join. Classes run for one hour.

Examples include those below:

  • diving
  • starts and turns
  • introduction to squads
  • adult stroke correction

Adult swim clinics run throughout the year to provide continued support. Clinics are available for masters or tri swimmers wanting to increase efficiency. They are also suitable for general lap swimmers who want to improve their strokes.

Kids Alive Do the Five

Enhance your child’s swimming abilities during the school holidays with our FREE complimentary Kids Alive Do the Five learn to swim intensive program.

Tailored to enhance your child’s swimming abilities, this program acts as a crucial tool for refining stroke development and potentially progressing to higher levels. Open to children aged 4 months to 16 years, it offers a specialized approach to skill advancement.

This program runs the second week of the September school holidays annually.


Dive into a customised aquatic journey tailored exclusively for day-care children aged 4 and above. Our swim classes are meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional aquatic experience, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling learning journey for every participant.

Childcare swimming lessons are the perfect opportunity for busy families to fit in the most valuable life skill. With heated pools offering an ideal environment, we ensure optimal progress and enjoyment for all participants.

Only $14 per child, making water confidence accessible to all.

Contact us to enquire about our comprehensive water education programs, or you can complete a group booking by using the link below.

Are you considering Logan Swim School for your school swimming lessons?

Unlock the benefits of our carefully tailored lessons and dedicated professional staff, ensuring your students are well-prepared for a lifetime of aquatic skills.

Simply complete our School Booking Form online or reach out to one of our Swim Schools directly for any inquiries.

Let’s aim for swimming success together!

Swimming clubs are children’s first introduction to competitive swimming. Club nights are held either weekly or fortnightly. It is an awesome atmosphere and a great family night out.

There are a number of swimming clubs operating in Council’s aquatic centres. Below is a list of the respective clubs and where they are based.

  • Logan Vikings — Logan North Aquatic and Fitness Centre
  • Beenleigh Dolphins — Beenleigh Aquatic Centre
  • Bethania Swimming Club — Bethania Aquatic Centre

To register your interest in joining one of our swim clubs enquire online.


Invest in yourself and your family – participate in Logan Swim School's ultimate swimming program.