Q: What are Other Facilities?
A: Other Facilities refer to recreational facilities owned by the Logan City Council but independently operated by private operators.

Q: Can I access them with a Logan Leisure Centres Fitness Membership?
A: Unfortunately, access to Other Facilities is not included in your Logan Leisure Centres Membership.

Q: Who should I reach out to for inquiries about Other Facilities?
A: For any questions or concerns regarding Other Facilities, please get in touch with the respective businesses directly, or you can email us at ???.

Q: Do I need a separate membership for each Other Logan Leisure Centre?
A: Yes, typically, you would need a separate membership or pay fees to access each individual Other Logan Leisure Centre.

Q: Are Other Logan Leisure Centres open to the public, or do I need to be a member to access them?
A: While some facilities may offer public access, many require either a membership or payment for entry. It’s best to check the specific requirements for each centre.

Q: Can I book events or parties at Other Logan Leisure Centres?
A: Many of the Other Logan Leisure Centres offer event and party booking options. Contact the specific centre you’re interested in for details and availability.